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Bitcoin is a decentralized digital cash system that uses peer to peer sharing to transfer money anywhere.

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Recent Buy Order:

$496.98 USD0.201700$100.24
$496.49 USD4.924600$2445.03
$496.49 USD22.818500$11329.04
$480.00 USD0.026021$12.48
$475.00 USD1.068337$507.45
$455.00 USD2.007538$913.42
$395.00 USD4.068278$1606.96
$387.53 USD0.616236$238.80
$355.00 USD3.262563$1158.20
$350.00 USD0.710743$248.76

Recent Sell Order:

$508.85 USD0.218000$110.92
$509.04 USD2.503700$1274.48
$509.29 USD0.386200$196.68
$509.31 USD0.400000$203.72
$509.39 USD0.221000$112.57
$509.85 USD0.214000$109.10
$510.10 USD0.199000$101.50
$510.29 USD0.222000$113.28
$510.32 USD0.030000$15.30
$510.72 USD0.212000$108.27

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#100 - 900 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC
V6R 4S1

With the World's First ATM installed in Vancouver, and more coming...

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